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Dr. Shyamala Peesapati 

 Content / Copywriter | Rare Disease Advocate | Dentist 

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Hey You, My friend,

Wondering what I am doing here?

I'm definitely not working on better smiles, hehe!

Quite different to what my qualification is, right?

I'm a dentist by profession. Not just great at studies. The Almighty has also blessed me with some special powers! 

I looovvvvee using my magical sword, my words, to impress people like you!

Not bad yaa!

You guessed it right. I'm building my copywriting empire as my side hustle.

My words are magic, Trust me pleeasseeee!

My teacher told me "Eyy! Don't Copy And Write"
Now I chose to work for 

See, I have grown! My teacher is fine by the way. (just in case).

Writing is my job, but my passion lies in


Juussttt, a little service to mankind can make it easier for people like you all right? :)

Here are some cool stuff that I do. Not so writing things, I say.

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I'm trying to build my rare diseases and chronic illness community there.

Want to make a change by creating awareness?

Want to help the

rare disease patients

DM me soooonnn!!




After writing here and there for 5+ years. Believe me, much after writing a book as well. I realized that I should consider making my own website and blog.

You already know, making a blog isn't difficult at all.


But, feeding it regularly with content is a daunting task right? Don't nod your head. I know you're doing that. I trust you! :)

the Beauty

thanks to shaping foundations.jpg

I help your brand GROW with my words. 

From social media posts, to Ad-copies, or even Blogs!

Anything that has got to do with research and writing, I can do it for you

Believe me, I give my 100% in what I choose to do. I can help you in these ways.

Work Desk
post covid red dress pic.jpg


I'll give your brand

a voice.

Words that capture people's attention and make them remember you for ages too!


The world grows by sharing stories. It's research conveyed in a story format right?

It's "Long Long Ago" and "Once upon a time", stories that work even today.

I'll give you stories to get you started with work. Not just that, I can give you stories to fall asleep too


This makes you stand out!

Be it a sales Ad-copy, or your website copy.

Not just that, it can be research-oriented blogs too!

I have got this for you!

I have a blog for myself here!


Isn't it cool?


"Why is my brand not growing?"

"I'm not finding my target audience?"

"I feel stuck!"

No, don't, just don't feel this

way anymore!

Whatever doubts you have regarding your social media,

 I can get the job done for you!

I'm available for a 1:1 consultation.

Grab your seat.

Send me an e-mail with your doubts now!

You may see my work in

Work Desk

I already told you about this twice before.

Anyway, check my blog link here!

Work Desk

My Personal Blog

Keep healthcare, health and fitness blogs aside. It's time to talk about travel, fashion, beauty, ed-tech, and other product based industries too!

Check out those samples here.

The Rare World Official

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