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10 Evergreen Dental Clinic Content Ideas to Get Your Audience Thinking!

Updated: May 24, 2023

Did you know that digital marketing impacts your private dental practice in ways beyond imagination? This is based on a recent observation by a digital marketing agency. Over 62% of the respondents in the survey trusted a dentist with an active social media presence. Not just that, over 77% of people used the internet to find a reliable dental clinic that could cater to their needs!

Digital marketing or in other words, having an online presence for your dental practice is mandatory! Digital marketing dwells on content. One has to create content that is loaded with value to stand out. To put it simply, one must create what their audience wants.

In this blog post, we will know about 10 evergreen content ideas that can get your audience thinking. These ideas might blow your social media presence and help you generate more leads too! Stay hooked to read more.

1) Be Effective In Breaking The Myths!

The usage of powerful words drives the search engine to pick your content. The key here is to create content on powerful words that people would love to know about.

Some powerful words include myths, mistakes, and quick tips.

Creating content on breaking certain myths can also get your audience thinking if they believe in the myth too. It makes people click on your content.

This type of content can be an actual eye-opener for your audience. It helps them understand dentistry the right way!

2) The Ask Us Anything!

In this type of content, we will give freedom to the audience to ask you anything that they would want to know about. This is going to be more of a problem-solving kind of content.

Take an active interest in answering questions about dental fear, the first dental visit, the cost of the Invisalign or the clear implants, tug of war between the implants and the Fixed Partial Dentures (FPDs). These can help your audience choose the right kind of treatment and can also reduce your chair-side time.

In a nutshell, simply help your audience with what they want!

3) Give Your Audience The Family ‘Feel’.

Your patients would love to be a part of your professional family too! Keep them updated about the latest developments in your private practice. Hired a new doctor or got the latest dental equipment? It has to become a part of your social media content strategy.

Introduce your team members or post pictures of any celebrations in the clinic. This helps in giving your audience the personal touch that they would be looking for. It makes them feel more connected and helps them believe that they are at the same level as you! A good clinician should be an efficient team player!

4) Could You Please Tell Them What’s Happening Behind The Scenes?

You might not be surprised if you have a few skeptical patients.

Raise your hands if you do not like being asked about the sterilization protocol. It feels disgusting at times! Completely understandable.

A few patients might be skeptical about cleanliness, waste disposal, instruments sterilization, and disposable or reusable dental equipment. Not every patient is as sweet as honey! So, honey, you gotta accept that being transparent about what’s actually happening behind the scenes can take you far!

It builds the faith and trust of your patients and has the potential to even convert a skeptical patient to a loyal customer!

5) “What Is This and Why Is It Used?” - Solve This for Them.

Your patients don't need to know the dimensions of an endodontic file. But, little things like naming the diagnostics, like mouth mirror, tongue depressor, and cheek retractor can actually make communication a lot easier.

It is easier to communicate and ask your patient if the mouth mirror is causing them slight discomfort. Tapping on a tooth? Ask them if the force delivered by an explorer is enough or way higher. Ask them not to lift their tongue and use a tongue depressor if needed. It makes it a lot simpler! Isn’t it?

When it comes to pediatric dentistry and children, educating the parents about space maintainers and habit-breaking appliances is always beneficial for the all-round dental hygiene of the child. So, go a step ahead and create content based on these.

6) What’s Your Favorite Quote in Dentistry?

“Even if the operative dentistry is perfect to the point, the appointment is still a failure when the child departs in tears!”.

“Every tooth in man’s head is worth more than a diamond!”.

These are just a few examples to share. Make your own quotes and share them on social media. Add an element of fun too.

Share memes that are relatable and easily understandable, if possible!

7) Awwww..!! So What Happened to This Case?

Educate your patients about any special cases that you have taken up recently. Be mindful to protect the patient’s privacy and never share personal details.

But rest assured, share your experiences when dealing with that super interesting special case and what the output was like. What was the biggest challenge that you encountered while dealing with this case, share them all. Be honest and sincere while writing this because it makes your audience appreciate your skills better.

Dentists are also only human! They have their own share of troubles too. Highlight more on what was the easiest path that you took to solve this problem!

But again, be very mindful and follow all the necessary guidelines and take written consent from the concerned patient for doing so. Else, truth be told, this might just backfire.

8) Did We Just Get an Award? Hearty Congratulations to Us!

Make your audience feel like they are a part of your success! It is always the gratitude that decides your altitude. It is not uncommon to feel the need for being the best dentist in the town, an award-winning dentist, the best dentist known for implant services in the town, or for being a celebrity dentist.

The point is we all want to stand out and survive in this competition. We want to be the best version of ourselves. We always think of doing that little extra for our private practice. Isn’t it?

Before doing anything extra for your dental practice, start by expressing gratitude.

The irresistible thing with gratitude is that we always end up having more when we are grateful for what we have!

9) Why Aren’t the Blogs and Podcast Episodes Not Promoted on Social Media?

Follow this golden rule in content creation - “the same content everywhere!”.

This is called repurposing the content. Wrote a blog post about 5 points one must consider before buying a toothbrush. Make it a carousel post and share it on your social media.

You would not really want to miss out on your audience right?

Not everyone is present everywhere! Target your audience from every social media platform possible.

10) Wait! Talk About the Most Common Mistakes Your Audience Is Making!

Pay special attention to the most common mistakes that your audience makes. Small things like not carrying the child’s favorite toy when coming for the dental visit, not carrying the list of medications to trace down the medical history, forgetting the old dentures at home, and not carrying the spray for asthma. These can cost a lot at times.

Nobody would like to make mistakes on purpose. So educate your patients and audience to not make these silly mistakes. Trust this process, they will only appreciate you better!

Bonus Tip:

Have an exclusively dedicated day in a week only to create awareness of pediatric dentistry. Talk about how children can take care of their health. Help the parents by addressing the most common questions that they frequently ask.

Taking care of a child’s teeth and oral hygiene can really go a long way in bringing you more patients based on referral too!


To conclude, having an online presence is the best way to earn trust and even generate multiple streams of income. Not sure how?

Building multiple streams of income and standing out as a leader takes time. But, what can be done today is to create content that has value!

Show your worth and do not delay. Believe in the power of now!


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