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5 Powerful Ways You Can Use Pinterest to 100X Your Dental Blog Traffic.

Updated: May 24, 2023

If you’re someone who is trying really hard in designing the graphics and sharing them only on Instagram and Facebook, you have missed something incredible!

The loss that you have just missed is irreplaceable.

Let me tell you this mind-blowing secret. Social media doesn’t only consist of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

There is so much more in this amazing platform that is worth all your time and efforts. The golden platform is a massive search engine called Pinterest.

I understand that as a super-enthusiastic dental practitioner, you are always working on teeth and improving better smiles. You barely have any time! Well! I have been there too. Juggling between dentistry and social media.

Speaking by sitting at your side of the table, I can by all means vouch that investing your social media time only on Pinterest and not on any other platforms is still fine! That can still work wonders. But, but if you are doing it the other way around, that is being consistent on every other platform and forgetting Pinterest you have just done something terrible!

Pinterest can help you grow your dental practice exponentially by driving traffic to your website, generating leads for your business, or even making more sales.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the entire process. Stay hooked if you do not want to lose out on your million dollars!

1) What You Really Did Not Know About Pinterest?

Pinterest is a massive search engine. It is a visual platform where you can convert your blogs into simple and digestible infographics.

After making the infographic, you are going to write a caption that is fed with proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and add a link to the pin. Remember to add the necessary keywords in the pin caption. Keywords are those words that people often use to search. SEO is an investment that you make today to live a stress-free tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, every graphic that is designed for Pinterest is called a ‘pin’. The design has a standard size in the ratio of 1500*1000.

Coming back to the link, the link to each pin can be redirected to your website blogs or to the landing page where you want the users to take action or make a sale. The more visually appealing your pin is, the better your goal would be reached. Do you see that achieving what you want is just a click away?

2) Don’t Explain, Just Show!

So far, so good. But, honestly, how can Pinterest help in dentistry?

Let me answer that question for you.

I understand I totally understand how difficult it would be to explain to someone the procedures of root canals and orthodontic treatments. Let alone all these hi-fi treatments, let me ask you how difficult it would be to convince a child to open his mouth without a picture.

You get my point, right?

Pictures are there everywhere literally! We need an infographic to even explain those post-operative instructions. So, instead of just drawing on your prescriptions explaining the process or looking on Google to explain how an Invisalign looks, have your own gallery of pictures. Add links to those pictures!

It’s always going to work in your favor because there is really no other way around. There are more than 5 billion searches on Pinterest every month and Pinterest drives 10x higher off-platform brand searches compared to other platforms. This is a proven statistic!

3) Did You Know That There Are Idea Pins Too? Repurpose the Content Here as Well!

Don’t tell me that you are not hopping on the trend now. I know that you are working whenever you can to make reels for Instagram. Isn’t it? See, I can see you nodding your head and smiling now.

The point that I am trying to make here is to repurpose the same pins as idea pins on Pinterest. You want to show your face and educate the audience right? You are the CEO here, and they are your audience. Come on, get off that couch and smile bigger when you are making those reels, and remember, remember to post the same reels on Pinterest too. Add a link to your website blog. The job is done!

People would always love to see the doctor’s face while listening to simple tips and hacks. That adds more credibility and increases trust! To add on, people watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest.

4) Guess What? It’s Easier to Rank on Google That Way.

Now, here is the toughest nut to crack! Everybody wants to create content and everybody wants to be the best. There is competition everywhere. Even in your clinical practice. Agreed!

But, how difficult would that be for your practice to rank on Google without Pinterest? It would take months, years, or decades? But, by using this amazing platform to the best of its ability, Pinterest can promise you that you would rank on Google comparatively faster. In short, Pinterest which is backed with all your links acts as a catalyst in ranking faster! Down the line, who's the best dentist in the town? Well! The internet says that it is none but you!


5) Pinterest Manager. This Is Always Worth the Bet and Worth the Investment!

The biggest mistake that most dental practice owners make is that they try to do everything themselves! Well, it might work out in the beginning. But, to reach greater heights you need a dedicated Pinterest manager who has a thorough knowledge of SEO with great taste in visuals and colors. One must single-handedly be willing to take complete control over your Pinterest account.

This can be right from branding to creating the design, writing the copy, and getting relevant links. Ah! Link building about off-page SEO is for discussion some other day.

Wait! The last four words make a difference.

Dedicated Pinterest managers promise you time-bound results.

Will it take forever to actually grow your online presence?

Or will you simply choose the best fit for your business?


Though designing Pinterest pins can look easy, it is always a lot to have a visual identity. The picture or the design should speak for itself. That is the challenge. Building a proper content strategy that works for your dental practice based on the geographical location you are in is difficult. Flexibility matters when experimenting with something for the first time.

Taking help would be highly appreciated if you do not want your Pinterest account to be blocked. To determine the frequency of pins, decide on what links to add, or even design the pin, take help at least for the first time. It saves you a lot of time and effort.

By the way, building something online has become a non-negotiable part of building a passive income. After all, nobody would ever want to work the whole life. Isn’t it?

Pinterest is definitely going to promise you results for your blog, website traffic, or even for sales. In fact, 75% of weekly Pinterest users say they’re always shopping.

Have patience and start today. Put in the effort but let that be in the right direction!

Begin with the end in mind because the time spent in creating content is of no use if the efforts are in the wrong direction!


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