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8 Ways How You Can Grow Your Dental Practice Exponentially via Email Marketing.

Chasing followers for your professional Instagram account or running behind subscribers for your YouTube Channel is not going to help you in the long run!

Can we just stop doing that and try something different?

Listen, listen, what’s the whole point of having several thousand subscribers when you do not even own at least a few of them? Oh yes! By the way, it is not really possible to remember all your followers via name.

True, you are right, we might hardly remember a few.

However, there is always a way out.

We can always own people via their email ids. Some software can save your information for years together and still enable you to keep in touch with everyone, without missing out on any.

Who would like to lose their loyal fan base anyway?

By owning people via their email ids you do not have to worry even if Instagram or YouTube shuts down tomorrow. Email marketing ensures longer connectivity and better reach for your audience. The good news is that this is done without having to rely on third-party software for the same!

Also to add on, by 2025 around 4.6 billion people are estimated to use emails daily. That is just more than half of the world’s population.

It is high time that you be where your audience is!

In this blog post, you will know about 8 different ways you can use email marketing to grow your private dental practice.

1) Let Your Dental Family Know About the Latest Updates at Your Clinic.

Hiring a new doctor? Did you just get new help at the dental clinic? It so looks like your dental assistant is doing an amazing job.

The latest technology that you use to practice dentistry, or the new changes that are made to your clinic, let your audience know! They would loovvvvee it.

It gives them a personal touch to what your private practice looks like and makes them feel more connected and valued. You just have to be active in sending a newsletter update via email every month! So simple, isn’t it?

2) Sending Invoices Using Third Party Software? Ummmmmm! Not Anymore.

A successful private dental practice requires sending emails frequently. One reason that tops the list is invoices. An invoice is needed for any kind of payment that is done at the private practice.

Bought an expensive endo motor to help your patients better with their root canal treatments? Generate an invoice.

Did the patient just pay for your services? Generate an invoice.

Having an email backup of all the invoices helps you in being sorted. It can also be of tremendous help during the accounting and financial review.

You need not have that fear of saving all hard copies of bill receipts in a file.

Having a soft copy or an email backup also enables you to take printouts as and when needed!

3) Why Not Send Your Latest Blog Post as an Email Update to Your Dental Family?

There is content literally everywhere. Who do you think your patients trust better when they want to find a quick remedy for their tooth pain? A random YouTube hack or a DIY (do it yourself) found on the internet or your super-informative, reader-friendly blog post?

Are you getting the idea now?

Writing informative blogs about what your patients are generally asking for, in a language that they would understand solves the puzzle for us. We can stand out better for creating value. To put it simply, it would be a win-win for both.

Send the latest blog post update via email and see your dental practice grow exponentially!

4) Did You Just Forget Wishing Your Family On Their Super Special Birthday?

Why not send the sweetest wishes for your audience’s birthday? They are your cheerleaders. In fact, they determine the success of your business in a way!

So grab that opportunity to make them feel a little extra nice on their birthday.

Now, one need not send a super-poetic dramatic wish. Hold on!

A simple, heart-warming wish for their birthday makes them remember you better.

They would be so fond and grateful to you. The next time, when somebody complains of toothache, it’s only your door that they are going to knock on!

5) Not Delaying Anymore in Sending Appointment Reminders, Ppllleeassee!

People forget sometimes. This happens all the time, not intentionally though.

How about sending them a reminder email about their appointments so that neither of your time is wasted?

That looks more professional from the clinic and also makes the patient believe that you are genuinely interested in treating them. That builds the trust and the interest with which your patient receives your treatment.

It subconsciously makes them believe that you are ready and waiting for them.

As a result, there is a lot less anxiety during the treatment as sending a reminder email allows the patient some time to prepare for their treatment.

Cases like wisdom tooth removal or surgeries? Never hesitate to send a reminder email. It drastically changes the nature of the treatment.

6) Send a Digital Freebie Once in a While via Email.

A digital freebie is an online gift that you send to your audience. It can be an ebook, a simple pdf, or a graphic design that is customized to their needs.

Not just that, it can be an online free webinar where you address one specific question and solve that for your audience. Seasonal topics tend to do great for online webinars.

Did you just see a spike in the number of flu cases in your locality?

There should be nothing to stop you from creating awareness about maintaining oral hygiene during the flu season.

Send an email saying that you would love to talk on a particular topic that answers the questions that people have. There you go!

You just made a difference online!

This can help in building your audience base and skyrocketing your business too!

7) How About Sending a Feedback Form After the Treatment?

This can be a game-changer in your private dental practice. After all the treatment, make sure that you ask your audience about their experience. Never miss out on this as it can make people feel heard!

Everybody has a voice, people lovvvee to speak and share their opinion.

Why not give them a chance?

By having a digital feedback form, you need not worry about the data being lost too!

8) Promoting a New Dental Product as an Affiliate? Email Is the Place to Go!

You don’t have to sound super salesy here simply because you are meant to treat and heal and not sell anything.

Still, if you would like to recommend any dental product to your audience or patients, how long would it take to send a message to everyone on any other social media?

Whatsapp groups are a great option. But, how many patients are comfortable with having a Whatsapp conversation with you?

Forget about their comfort, it is a lot easier for you in return to have email support to share such broadcast news!

Everything is just one “Send” button away.

Now, what’s the good news, by building a strong email base, you can also make money as an affiliate!

There is no reason why you should not consider email marketing for your dental practice! Take that leap of faith today!


Building an email database is easier said than done. It takes time to grow your email list organically! But, but it is always worth the wait.

Your email subscribers will mostly stick with you throughout your journey.

Nurture them well by feeding them with the right kind of content!

Even if you have established your practice and are doing well, save yourself some regret of not starting email marketing before! Start now, today is the right time if you do not want to miss out on future miracles!


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