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Dental Practitioners: 7 Lazy Ways to Make Money Just by Having a Website!

Updated: May 24, 2023

Passionate dental practitioners, imagine practicing dentistry 2 years down the line. No, not, the traditional way, imagine doing so, the digital way!

You will probably have no way out except to trust. You will trust that building multiple streams of income while practicing dentistry full-time is possible too!

What if I told you that you can still make a bare minimum 1000$ per month as a source of passive income if you start now? Hear me right, it's a source of passive income. Wouldn't that make you curious? Don't you want to know how?

Before we even jump into building a healthy source of passive income, let us first understand if it is even important.

In this blog post, we will cover,

  • Is building a passive source of income really important in 2023 and beyond?

  • The final call.

  • What is the basic necessity to start an online venture?

  • 7 lazy ways dental practitioners can make money just by having a Website.

  • Conclusion.

Is Building a Passive Source Of Income Really Important in 2023 and Beyond?

Listen, if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught dental health professionals something, it is this!

"You desperately need to start making something online!"

Did you know the economic impact of COVID-19 on dental practices? 1/3rd of the dental practices in Germany experienced a major collapse in revenue. Dentists were at a higher occupational risk!

Small practices were the most affected.

Most of the dentists even had to quit practicing dentistry for a while!

Here is a freebie from the American Dental Association, which says that female dentists were the most affected. There was a whopping decline of 17.9% in gross dental practice revenue after the COVID-19 pandemic.

That means a llloottt!

So, What Is the Final Call Now?

Well, to say the least, having a potential source that can help you make money online is mandatory. Everybody looovvveess to play safe. Keep that mantra strong even in dental practice.

God forbid, touchwood, before another calamity occurs and takes away what we have built from scratch, play the game safely and build something online!

What’s the Basic Necessity to Start an Online Venture?

WEBSITE. Yes, that’s the answer.

Even if it’s a simple website for your dental practice, having it can provide you with 7 greeeaatt options for minting money online.

The blogging industry has increased exponentially with time. An average blogger can approximately make 1,000$-2,000$ every month in the first two years of blogging.

Monetizing a blog depends on various factors and strategies. If there is one thing that is as certain as day and night in blogging, it is this.

You have to get started somewhere. You have to get started someday. There is no other day that is better than today!

So, save yourself some regret. Start something online.

Dental practitioners, get started by having a website.

To those who already own a website for their dental practice, what are you waiting for?

Feed the website by consistent blogging. If done the right way, it has the potential to even become your main source of income in the next year too! Take action today.

7 Lazy Ways Dental Practitioners Can Make Money Just by Having a Website!

1) Google Adsense.

This is the very first step that every blogger would aim for.

To get AdSense approval from Google, the website domain must be old. At least 1 year old.

There must be regular, unique, and original content that is posted on the website. So, start covering all the aspects of dentistry. Beginning with “How to start a dental clinic?” or “My personal journey: How I started my dental practice” to "The latest trends in dentistry being Invisalign, clear aligners, veneers, and implants". Cover them all.

Keep the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of blogs in place and that’s about it!

SEO can make or break your blogging revenue. So, remember to put SEO as the priority.

Struggling to come up with content ideas?

Keep in mind that to get AdSense approved for your blog, there must be decent traffic of at least 1,000 to 5,000 visitors to your website.

The safest bet would be to have 10,000 monthly visitors to your site.

2) Affiliate Marketing.

What if you could create awareness on certain dental products like toothbrushes for children and powered toothbrushes for the disabled? Sounds like a good idea?

What could be better than promoting them through affiliate links on your website?

This way, you get a small extra commission for every purchase made at no extra cost to the buyer. It’s a win-win for both!

3) Guest Blogging.

Who would not loovvee to have a celebrity on their blog? On a cozy weekend, stretch a little and sit to enlighten the world with your wisdom.

Reach out to guest bloggers in the dental niche and check if you could write blogs for them. Is one guest blog per week on a weekend, doable?

Sharing your knowledge in dentistry, in areas where you have strong experience, is it possible? Just pen it down in 1,000 - 1,500 words!

Came across a complicated root canal? Got a unique experience when bypassing that particular canal? Encountered a challenging case today? Or, it could be simple moments where patients say reallyyy nicceee words and make your day. Just write them all.

Get started. Get into the habit of writing!

4) Brand Collaborations.

Now, have you set up a dental practice and are successfully running it for 5+ years now?

Raise your hand if the medical representatives reach out to you for promotions.

Raise your hand if you get free samples from brands for promotions.

If you raised your hand or answered a ‘Yes’, then hear me shoutttt at you!

“Congratulations!”, you are already halfway there.

By having a website of your own, you can always collaborate with bigger brands and become their loyal brand ambassador.

Where trust grows, revenue automatically flows!

5) Selling Your Own Product / Hosting Your Own Masterclass!

Hear me out say this, hear it with your complete attention.

There are bloggers who make more than 50,000$ a month jussttt by selling their own digital products from the comfort of their homes.

The more sales happen via your website, the more revenue is generated.

Now, what are some products that dental clinics can think of selling?

There are sugar-free candies that do not harm your teeth or your customized dental health planner. It can sometimes be a masterclass or a webinar.

Do you get the idea? It can be anything that provides value to your loyal patients.

Cannot think of anything else? Sell your clinic’s logo as a customized fridge magnet on oral health awareness day. See, it’s that simple! You can thank me later!

6) Generating Leads for Your Business.

Only having a dental website and writing regular blogs. Still not getting traffic?

Successful bloggers have all gone through that phase.

Remember to ideally OWN anyone who walks into your website. Attract them with a hook. Regardless of whatever the purpose is, whether they come to just have a look or to read your blogs, have your visitor’s email id.

The good news is that you can also track how many people leave the website only a few seconds after visiting.

Analyzing metrics for the blog is a goldmine.

Doing this consistently and keeping an eye on the numbers can help you generate more leads for your business.

The only battle that follows next is, how to convert leads to clients!

That's a discussion for another day. Stay tuned to know more and more.

7) How About An Online Consultation?

This is simply self-explanatory. Why rely on third-party software that can help you take online consultations? You can do that on your website too!

All medicine is not possible online, but at least second and third opinions, at least the consultation or the first appointment of building a good rapport. They must certainly be possible!

Get your hands-on experience on using the fastest-finger technology, that’s the internet and go at it in full swing.


Though starting something online for a medical professional might be a challenging decision to make, one never really regrets this space.

Blogging when done in the right way, can help you in ways beyond imagination.

Also, in the current scenario where everything is going digital, should you also not take that first step?

There can be nothing that could possibly stop you now if you’re willing to learn and earn.

Earn the lazy way! Earn for a lifetime consistently!

To conclude, by all means, a dental practitioner can never really regret deciding to grow online. The sky is the limit for dental practices willing to grow in this field.


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