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Email Marketing: Never Knew How To Write Emails for Your Dental Practice?

Here are some super interesting samples!

Sample 1: This is for the 'Welcome' email, that is when the patient visits your office for the first time!

Subject: Hey (Patient name) Your presence makes us shine better!

Hey (Patient Name),

Welcome to our family. We are an incredible family of about 5,000+ patients, 20+ doctors, and 5+ dental therapists and now we have you!

We are so excited to have you choose us. Rest assured, we will never let you down.

We know about you! Now, this is a golden opportunity. Should you not know about us too?

Here it is. We are (Dental Clinic Name) and family.

We are in town since low-waist jeans were in fashion! Jokes apart, yes, we have been here for 10 years.

Over the years we have had many amazing patients like you and we have always felt it an honor to help heal incredible people like you!

There is this number one thing that we would love for you to know. All your details and your medical reports are kept confidential. In no way, we would be using it for our benefit without prior written consent from you. We are a team of well-experienced and highly-trained doctors and dental therapists waiting to help you smile better.

Whatever your reason to visit us might be, we would be happy to assure you that you would go back home with a pinch of extra self-love! By the way, your smile is just so precious, let that be!


(Dental Clinic Team)

Sample 2: When you want to remind your patient of the appointment the following day.

Subject line: It's time for you to knock at our door!

Hello (Patient name)/(Buddy!) :)

You're receiving this email because we are expecting you to drop by us on (Date) at (Time) for (Treatment Name)

And really, thanks for choosing us, (Dental Clinic Name) for your dental needs. We value your trust sincerely and are constantly striving to be the best! Pinky promise!

By the way, we would sincerely appreciate it if you drop by at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Please carry your medicines (if any) with you.

Lastly, we know that we all are only human and so we made your job easier. Quickly check if you're carrying all these with you when you come to meet us!

(Insert a blog link with a list of things that patients must carry when they come for an appointment)

Our red carpets are rolling for you! So wear your confidence and talk to us soon.

We can't really wait to have you tomorrow.

Come and experience the 'dental' form of self-love. You will love the experience, we guarantee you that!

Note, in any case, should you reschedule your appointment, please call us at (Phone number) at the earliest.



(Name of your dental practice)

(Phone number)


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