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Hire Shyamala

No! We aren't delaying this anymore!

I know that you are adding notes after notes hoping you would work on it someday!


Right from the social media posts that you are planning to make, to making you stand out as a brand, I have got your back!

Be it web content writing, the lengthy blog posts, or your short and crisp YouTube scripts, I can do it all for you.

Btw, I loooovveee to write blogs! Just saying. 

I know what we need to do, Trust me! :)

Want to know what I have to offer for you? I'm right there.

My Services

I can offer all of these for you! 

By the way, I don't want you to break your head for keyword research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and all of that contentyyy stuff. I'm here mainly for that right?

I mean to say you don't have to worry if Google likes your work.

How cool is that?

  • Web Page Copy

  • E-mail Newsletters

  • Landing Pages

  • Social media posts

  • YouTube Scripts

  • Ad-copy for sales

  • Podcast Titles

  • Blogs, My Loooovveeee

  • Voice-over

Nah, I may not be the go-to person for a core tech industry. However, there's good news.

I can give my best shot in these areas!

Healthcare Industry

Travel Industry

Small Business Owners

Food Blogging

Beauty and Fashion

Bio-Tech Companies

Dental Clinics

Ed-Tech Companies

Diagnostics and Health

Fitness Blogging

Online Tutoring

Definitely Science and Medicine

Not sure if  you belong here?

Shoot an e-mail at Remember, there's a dot (.) in between. Let me help you with this!

Find Your Way

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