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About Shyamala

An appealing writer blessed with empathy.
By the way,
I am great at making lists and organizing big tasks too! 

Something that I am super proud of! :)

You guessed it right! I have been good at writing since a child.

Maybe, since my high school days.

But, taking this as a profession was something that I always wanted to do.

When I entered my dental school, things changed for me. 

I barely had time to write. 

There were days when I hardly even slept for 8 hours straight! 

Leave that story for another day.

Then, I decided I shouldn't give up on something precious that I'm blessed with. So, with that thought, my journey as a copywriter began.

All About Me

Take a look at my heart's biggest possessions.
I share my love with these things too. (Not just writing always!)  

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I was that person, who used writing for an outlet.

When I was in school, jusssstt like yeww olll, I also had diaries.

(Remember, it's diaries - plural)

When I look at them today, I burst out laughing!

I mostly used my diaries to document moments of pain.

Then, when I had joined my dental school, there was an app that was launched.

Yewww olll know that too, many writers today are the products of this app called "YourQuote". 

I wrote in this app for 3 straight years, and I sometimes do it even today!

Take a look at that amateur writer in me, who I'm proud of.


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What would I be doing currently?

  • Organizing the to-do and to-submit lists for the day. Told you, I'm super organized a person.

  • Embracing my INFJ personality by writing, coaching, and talking on a deeper level with my one and only super close true best friend! Okay, maybe I used all the adjectives for a friend. At least, I hope so. Hehe!

  • Reading my own blog articles, and editing those for a millionth time. Struggles of being a perfectionist :(

  • Eating Karnataka's special Bisi-Bele Baath with Boondhi sprinkled all over it. Nah, I reaaalllyy cannot share this with you. 

  • Looking for Volunteering ('cuz I am such a sweetheart. Not bragging, I am, really!)


Remember, there's a dot in between (.)


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