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You're so kind! (Tears of joy)

No, No, I won't take your time for granted. 

Scroll to see these fun-facts about me! :)

Hey, I'm so excited that you chose to know more about ME.
It's about MEEE finally!


I have unending empathy for an INFJ,

'cuz I am one!


I will keep your secrets in my

'closed' box of discussions.


Want some tips on psychology?

I'm great at solving problems. Mental health advocacy? Pleaaasseee count me in! I also have finished Psychological First Aid from

Johns Hopkins University, in 2020.


No playing with my time please!

I'll be mindful of your time. I expect you

to do so too!

I will not entertain people taking my time for granted please! Don't make me a bad guurrll!


Nah! I don't like Pink.

Yellow is my all time favourite. It's my colour. Yellow is lloooovvveee!


Clean that clutter on your desk!

'Organized' 'clean' and 'presentable'. That's how my working desk is. Nah, don't think that I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) now. Hehe!

I'm very sure that you would want a friend like me.

What are you waiting for then? Send an email to 

Remember, there's a dot (.) in between.

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